National Grid engaging stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement

Over the last two years, we have carried out our most extensive listening exercise ever to create this stakeholder-led business plan. By looking more externally, listening, and focusing on what all our stakeholders want from us, and by being more open, collaborative and flexible, we are creating plans which reflect our stakeholders’ needs.

Giving stakeholders a stronger voice – how we have built a stakeholder-led plan

For the first time, this has included talking directly to consumers away from our major project consultations.

We have gathered insight from more of our stakeholders, from more segments, on more topics and through more channels than ever before.

We’ve done this by following a best-practice enhanced engagement process and using independent challenge and review to help us continually improve. We’ve engaged more than 100 times, with 800+ individuals. We have engaged domestic and major energy consumers more than ever before, surveying more than 12,000 household bill payers, 750 non-domestic consumers and 68 major energy users.

In addition, we have used consumer trend data and other third-party publications as additional sources of insight.

We have used this insight to build our plans with those they affect and, by broadening the scope and reach of our engagement, so our plans reflect, and will deliver, what our stakeholders need from us.


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Business Plan Annexes

Stakeholder User Group Set-up Report
Explains the  set up of the Independent Stakeholder Group, their Governance arrangements and engagement principles.

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy 
Sets out our forward looking stakeholder engagement strategy

Frontier Triangulation Report
Independent triangulation of views to ensure we have interpreted stakeholder insight correctly into our business plan.

Consumer Value Proposition
Our CVP 'consumer value proposition' is our description of how our plan delivers additional value for consumers

Engagement Report
This report explains our approach to stakeholder engagement and summarises some of the engagement we have undertaken

Frontier Economics CVP Report

Frontier Economics CVP quantification


Hands on table working on National Grid Gas RIIO-2 business plan

How you shaped our business plan

Here you can find information about how we consulted with our stakeholders on our business plan.

This includes webinars, reports and consultation documents and blogs supporting our business planning activities.

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