Operational Forum

Throughout the year, we hold regular Operational Forum meetings. This forum aims to provide visibility and awareness for our customers and stakeholders to help understand and discuss the operation and performance of the National Transmission System (NTS). We also proactively invite any suggestions for operational topics that would promote discussion and awareness. 

The forum agenda varies from month to month depending on requests, operational events, and the gas year. Key standing items generally include:

  • Operational overview – highlighting changes over the gas year and against previous gas years;
  • UNC and EU regulations and changes;
  • Knowledge-based sessions around the operational regime;
  • Customer feedback sessions; and
  • Interesting operational days, as requested.

This forum has been created for the industry and therefore we are always looking to improve and develop what is delivered and how.  If you wish to attend the forums, or feel there are certain discussion items that would be beneficial to the industry, please contact us with your suggestions at [email protected]

Operational Forum Documents

September 2023

Please note there was a technical glitch in the recording from 12 mins 30 seconds – 17 mins 35 seconds.