How long will it take

How long will it take?

Application to Offer (A20) process

The period from clock start to issue offer depends on the type of offer to be made:

  • An initial connection offer (ICO) will be made within two months;
  • A full connection offer (FCO) requiring a conceptual design study will be made within six months.
  • A full connection offer (FCO) requiring a feasibility study will provide the feasibility study report within three months, and the offer six months following acceptance of the report by the customer.
  • The timescales for connection builds are project specific but in general the Standard Design build will be circa 12 months, whereas bespoke connections are circa 24-36 months.
  • At the end of build there is a commissioning phase to ensure that the site meets the requirements of the NTS.
  • Once the site is operational, the connections process comes to an end.
NTS Connections Process


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