Gas Charging Discussion (GCD) Papers

Gas charging discussion documents (GCD) are an opportunity for us to gather stakeholder views on potential amendments to the gas transmission charging regime. On this page, you can view any past and current GCD documents.

Document Archive

These documents contain discussions and industry opinions in relation to previously proposed changes to gas charges.

NTS GCD 10: potential one-off change to TO NTS exit flat capacity charges for April 2013

NTS GCD 09: NTS enduring exit capacity charge setting

NTS GCD 08: NTS entry charging review

NTS GCD 07: Optional NTS commodity tariff

NTS GCD 06: Supply and demand balancing rules in the transportation model

NTS GCD 05: SO storage commodity charging

NTS GCD 04: Revisions to NTS entry capacity reserve price discounts

NTS GCD 03: Recovery of TO allowable revenue from exit users from 1 October 2010

NTS GCD 02: NTS exit flow flexibility capacity discussion paper

NTS GCD 01: Introduction of NTS exit flat capacity charges under the enduring offtake arrangements