Landowners, occupiers and grantors

Our gas network traverses urban and rural areas of land that are owned and occupied by third parties. The areas of land surrounding our equipment are constantly subject to change and development. This page provides you with an overview of the main areas of interaction, related publications, and contact details. 

Grantors (landowners and occupiers)

Most gas transmission apparatuses (such as pipelines) is on or under third-party land. Before we can install and operate gas assets on land we do not own, we require rights from the owner or occupier of that land.  These landowners are known as grantors and we are committed to maintaining a successful working relationship with them.


Access to land for maintenance and refurbishment

From time to time, we require access to land to inspect, maintain, and refurbish assets. We have a duty to maintain the transmission system and energy supplies, so we need quick and easy access to our equipment. 

Our rights of access to do maintenance and refurbishment work are contained within the wayleave agreement or permanent easement with the landowner. 

New technology is helping us to reduce the disruption caused by these things, but during major refurbishment safety scaffolding may need to be put up over properties, roads, and other development.

Minor refurbishments (such as repainting) are usually needed every seven years. Major works tend to happen much less frequently. 

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