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National Transmission System Connections

The National Transmission System (NTS) transports high pressure natural gas around Great Britain via thousands of miles of pipelines, supplying large end users such as power stations, large industrial plant, whilst it also receives gas injections from the main gas terminals and gas producers. The Distribution Networks (DNs) are also connected to the NTS, however the NTS is not responsible for domestic connections. Please speak to the appropriate local DN for all domestic and small/medium non-domestic connections. Here is a link to the Energy Networks Association to help you identify which DN to contact. 

Below is the NTS Connections Flyer for more information:

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For more information on how to connect to the NTS, please go to Applying for a Connection or contact the Gas Customer Portfolio Team for more information here.

National Gas also provides support to gas shippers who wish to use the NTS, and those who would like to reserve capacity through the Planning and Advanced Reservation of Capacity Agreement (PARCA) and Capacity Allocation Mechanism (CAM - for interconnectors), can find information on these processes here.

If you have any questions about NTS gas connections, please contact the team here.


We do not provide home or domestic connections. Please contact your local distribution network operator (DNO).


Thank you for enquiring about an NTS Connection. If you could please complete the form below with your contact details and a brief description of your enquiry, one of the team will be in touch with you inside 48 hours.

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