How we're organised

Our team ensures Britain’s gas is transported safely and efficiently from where it's produced to the places it's consumed, balancing supply and demand day-to-day.


Our Leadership Team


Our executive leadership team came into operation on 31 January 2023. Below is the shape of the team following the appointment of Matt Steele as Chief Operating Officer in April 2024.


Our operational areas 

Our teams reflect our duties as operator, manager, owner and steward of the National Transmission System.

Gas System Operator

The Gas System Operator is responsible for the real-time operation and control of the gas National Transmission System (NTS) in Great Britain, and for facilitating efficient operation of the GB gas market. It operates the NTS in line with our Primary Gas Transporter Safety Case ensuring that pressure within the NTS is maintained within safe limits and that the quality of the gas we transport complies with the Gas Safety Management Regulations (GSMR).

System Operations delivers value for customers by providing required transmission capacity and flexibility when it is safe to do so, and provides them with critical information and data to allow them to make effective and efficient decisions for their businesses.

The team plays a key role in ensuring that we can deliver value from our gas transmission incentive schemes, which are designed to ensure we make the right risk-reward based decisions on behalf of customers, minimise our environmental impact, and optimise the utilisation of the National Transmission System.


Our Operations team act as the steward of the National Transmission System. The team looks after the physical assets across Great Britain’s transmission network – 7,630 km of pipeline, 23 compressor stations and more than 500 above-ground installations in England, Scotland and Wales. It doesn’t cover local gas supplies.

The team also manages National Gas Services, a leader in emergency and planned solutions for pipeline repair, replacement, maintenance and intervention. It delivers work both in the regulated gas sector and other areas, as principal contractor, contractor and sub-contractor.

Overall, Operations ensure the safe, reliable and affordable transportation of energy from gas producers to gas transmission customers. The focus every day is on keeping the gas flowing and the lights on, playing a part in sustaining future prosperity across Britain.


The Commercial team fulfils our role as the owner of gas transmission assets.

Within the Commercial team we have brought together our business planning work and our customer and stakeholder team.

Working with Ofgem, our customers and stakeholders, we are giving ourselves the best opportunity to understand what their needs are now and into the future, and then deliver an excellent service.


Our Asset team carries out the asset manager role in the organisation, shaping the strategy and investment projects needed to maintain a healthy gas transmission network.

These teams also deliver a continuous programme of innovation: the programme looks at how we can improve day-to-day technology as well as more ambitious, transformational engineering projects. For the longer term, these teams are driving innovation that helps to deliver the decarbonised network of the future, including work to investigate hydrogen as a likely route to provide cleaner energy.