Exit capacity planning

National Transmission System (NTS) capacity provides the daily right to flow gas into and offtake gas from the NTS. Here, you will find documents relating to Exit Capacity Planning, which demonstrates the processes and activities undertaken to make the exit capacity booking process efficient for all parties involved.

These documents are published in line with the Exit Capacity Planning Guidance.

More details on this guidance can be found at:

Exit Capacity Planning Guidance | Ofgem


Exit capacity outcomes

The Exit Capacity outcomes documents help provide transparency and auditability relating to the decisions being made.

Exit capacity methodology statements

The Exit Capacity Methodology Statements outline methodology used for the assessment of information provided by GDNs in respect of future capacity (Flat and Flex) and Assured Offtake Pressure bookings.

ECPG Chartbook and data tables

Information contained in worksheet ‘LDZ Diversified Peak’ is our assumption for diversified peak 1 in 20. This is different from the peak 1 in 20 forecasts for each Local Distribution Zone (LDZ), which National Grid ESO, on National Grid Gas Transmission's (NGGT) behalf, supplies to Gas Distribution Networks (GDNs).