Future of Gas Steering Group

The Future of Gas Steering Group provides cross-industry leadership to develop and inform the Gas Market Plan programme and provides expert views on the evolution of gas market frameworks in the transition to a net zero future.

The Future of Gas Steering Group meets regularly (every two months) to discuss, debate and explore topics concerned with the future of gas, to signpost areas of change. Through the Steering Group, we explore initiatives needed to prepare for the gas market of the future and capture potential impacts to gas market frameworks and participants. The output includes gas market questions or focus areas that National Grid Gas, and other relevant stakeholders, should focus on and prioritise in the short term (2 – 10 year timeframe) to maximise consumer value and help the gas industry prepare to enable net zero ambitions.

Head of Markets - National Grid

Chris Logue - Chair

Head Of Technical Development - Regen

Ray Arrell

Hydrogen Development Manager - Northern Gas Networks

Stella Matthews

Commercial Manager - Storengy

Robin Cannings

Head Of Gas Trading - Energy UK

Julie Cox

Managing Director - Interconnector UK

Steven De Ranter

Regulation Manager - Uniper

Richard Fairholme

Senior Policy Adviser - E3G

Lisa Fischer

Business Development Director - Johnson Matthey

Sam French

Executive Director & Professor - Thornton Energy Institute

Professor Joe Howe

Head of Industry Transformation, Governance & Forecasting - Centrica

Kirsty Ingham

Non-executive Board Member - UK100 Local Government Leaders

Hywel Lloyd

Future Networks Manager - Cadent

Lorna Millington

Senior Energy & Climate Change Executive - Chemical Industries Association

David Mitchell

Development Director - ITM Power

Marcus Newborough

Management Consultant - Afry

Angus Paxton

Energy Policy Manager - Oil & Gas UK

Will Webster

Decarbonisation Strategy Lead – Xoserve

Victoria Mustard

Steering Group publications