How much will it cost?

Initial connection offer (ICO)

Timescales to provide an ICO
Application for new or existing connection (entry, exit, or storage)
Up to 2 months£14,000

Full connection offer (FCO) - non standard design

Timescales to provide an FCO
Entry & Storage
Simple - Up to 6 months£45,000*#£45,000*
Medium - Up to 9 months




Complex - Up to 9 months£406,000**£406,000**
Ramp Rate Study (if required)£42,000£42,000

* A Feasibility Study is not required for this type of connection

** A Feasibility Study, Ramp Rate Study, transient analysis, or all three may be undertaken depending on the customer requirements for this category type. Where a Ramp Rate Study is required the Application Fee for a Ramp Rate Study will be added.

# Where 20D gas quality monitoring is not required - Customers can potentially avoid the requirement to install NTS gas quality monitoring equipment 20 diameter lengths either side of the connection by providing their own monitoring equipment and process for ensuring non GSMR compliant gas does not enter the NTS to the satisfaction of National Gas, to be assessed on a case by case basis and appropriate for low volumes.

Full connection offer (FCO) - standard design

Timescales to provide an FCO
Up to 3 months - Fixed fee£13,300£13,300£13,300
Feasibility study additional 3 months£14,000£14,000£14,000

For more detail about the costs of the connection process, please refer to the current Statement for Gas Transmission Connection Charging found in our Document Library.

How long will it take?

Ongoing Connection Charges

Once your project is connected to the NTS, you’ll need to pay ongoing charges that are collected by National Gas.

You can download the latest Gas Transmission Transportation Statement from the Transmission charges page found here:

Download Transportation Statement


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