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How do I connect?

Application to Offer (A2O) process overview

Those wishing to connect to the NTS will need to follow the Application to Offer process (A2O). The A2O process follows the steps outlined in the Uniform Network Code (UNC) - Transportation Principal Document (TPD) - Section V (General) – 13. NTS Connections.

We recommend that you read the Gas Connections Application Guide below for further information.

Download application guide

All new connection applications should be made via the Gas Connections Portal (as a link, open in separate window).

  • New applicants need to register on the Portal.
  • On registering you will be asked to agree to terms and conditions (which are attached below) to proceed. It is important to verify your account via the email link that you will receive immediately. Please check your junk mail. This link will expire in 24 hours. Please note that the first person to register a company in the Portal becomes the administrator for all users for that company.
  • We recommend that you discuss any initial enquiries with us by contacting us before proceeding to application.
  • The gas connections portal can provide a cost estimate for a Standard Design Connection (up to 57.3gwh/d.). This cost estimate can be used to apply for a connection. There is also an option for a Bespoke Cost estimate where the applicant wishes to specify a location on the NTS, rather than connecting to a block valve.

How much will it cost?



Thank you for enquiring about an NTS Connection. If you could please complete the form below with your contact details and a brief description of your enquiry, one of the team will be in touch with you inside 48 hours.

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