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The confidence and support of our customers and stakeholders fundamentally shapes our business. We want to listen closely and commit to having genuine partnerships to really build a successful future. 

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Help to shape the gas transmission system of the future

Throughout the year we run a programme of events for our stakeholders to engage and inform. This helps guide our decision making processes across all areas of the business. 

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Recent engagement materials

Gas Transportation Charges October 2022 | July Update

Gas Transportation Charges October 2022 - July Update

On 29th June, we shared an update and some indicative prices for Non-Transmission Charges, notably the General Non-Transmission Services Entry and Exit charges, and some of the drivers behind them. 

On 28th July we shared some further updates on the prices due to be published, key drivers and answered your questions.

In addition, here is a link to the Transmission System Charges webpage where you will find the October 2022 Transportation Statement published on 29th July.

Emergency Curtailment Quantity (ECQ) Webinar

Emergency Curtailment Quantity (ECQ) Webinar

An industry webinar event sponsored by the E3C Gas Task Group, to examine and assure preparedness for the restoration of the gas network following an NGSE.

Methane Emissions

Methane Emissions

We are now in a position to share our proposals to implement improved detection and quantification of methane emissions from the UK gas national transmission system and the opportunities we have identified to reduce and where possible eliminate methane emissions from our operations.

Consumer Choice Debate | January 2022

Consumer Choice Debate

Join expert panellists representing Citizens Advice, Energy Savings Trust, Energy Systems Catapult, Greenpeace, National Energy Action and Sustainability First to explore what choices do consumers have today and what choices do they need as we transition to low carbon heating? - January 2022

Bacton Terminal Playback Webinar

Bacton Terminal Playback Webinar

Over the summer 2021, we worked with you to understand your needs of the site.  This insight has been fed into the options and delivery programme which we shared in a webinar in November 2021. We have since spent time reviewing and triangulating stakeholder feedback and play back what we’ve heard and what we’re doing on the back of this.

St Fergus

Stakeholders told us the St Fergus terminal is a site of fundamental importance to the UK in that it provides flexibility, supports security of supply and supports access to UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) gas, helping to keep gas prices low.
We spoke to stakeholders to understand their thoughts on the potential future charging and commercial arrangements for the St Fergus Terminal. We’ve spent time reviewing and triangulating your feedback and would like to share our findings with you.

Read more about the consultation

Hydrogen roadmap to 2050

Over the last 12 months, we have engaged extensively to develop this roadmap to 2050.

Take a look at our roadmap to Net Zero

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Data and operations

Learn how we balance the National Transmission System (NTS), see the latest operational data, real time flow data and more.

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Future of Gas

To continue to deliver safe, reliable gas supplies at the best value for consumers, a process is needed to consider how market frameworks need to change across all potential futures. Learn more about our Gas Markets Plan.


We’ve been awarded funding through the Network Innovation Competition for our FutureGrid project, to look at the possibility of converting the NTS to transport hydrogen.

Impact Report 2021/22

It is a pleasure to introduce a publication that isn’t an obligation in any sense, but is a product of our partnership with stakeholders: you have asked us to deliver on your stated priorities, and to show how we have done it.

Insight and innovation

Our wide range of publications provides energy insight and analysis, as well as information about how we are shaping the future of energy in the UK.

Annual Environment Report

This report is our first within the context of the RIIO-T2 framework and provides an overview of our progress against the five pillars of our Environmental Action Plan and the activities we have undertaken. See below for more detail.

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Commercial and regulatory change

Find out about the current and past projects and changes related to commercial contracts, notably the Uniform Network Code.

Annual Environmental Report
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This Annual Environmental Report is our first within the context of the RIIO-T2 framework report and provides our stakeholders with an overview of National Grid Gas Transmission's progress against the five pillars of our Environmental Action Plan and the activities we have undertaken over the reporting period to manage and reduce our environmental impacts.

Read the report


Appendix  A:  Methodology Annex document (data lake) 

Appendix E: NGGT Climate risk slide pack – March 2022 

Appendix B: NGGT Environmental Action Plan  

Appendix F:  Third round climate change adaptation report 

Appendix C: Performance Tables 

Appendix G:  HyNTS: Hydrogen in the NTS / FutureGrid overview - March 2022

Appendix D: UAGCVS report - Unaccounted for Gas and our Calorific Value Shrinkage 



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Shaping the future

Our shaping the gas transmission of the future events focus on tackling challenges experienced across the wider energy industry and beyond. Register to attend the latest or catch up on previous events here

Shaping the Future | Engagement


Learn more about connecting to, diverting, and shipping using the gas National Transmission System (NTS).



Find information about the charges that users of the gas National Transmission System (NTS) have to pay and how they are calculated.

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Our RIIO-2 business plan

RIIO (Revenue = Incentives + Innovation + Outputs). The RIIO model offers network companies incentives for innovation and securing investment, so they can develop sustainable energy networks at the lowest cost for current and future customers.

Gas Quality Blending Service consultation

We have recently been exploring the potential for National Grid to offer gas quality blending services at NTS entry points.Learn more about our Gas Quality Blending Service consultation

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Previous engagement materials

Find information about how we consulted with you and other stakeholders on our RIIO-2 business plan.

How you shaped our business plan