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Future of Gas - GMaP

Developing a Gas Markets Plan Together

Future of Gas

Natural gas and forms of low-carbon gases will be key as the UK transitions to a net zero, sustainable energy system of the future. Whether it’s the use of natural gas combined with carbon capture usage and storage (CCUS), low-carbon gases such as blue hydrogen generated through natural gas reformation or renewable gases such as green hydrogen generated via electrolysis; gas will be a key enabler to a net zero transition.

Due to high levels of uncertainty surrounding the future of gas in a net zero energy system and the pace of change required to meet the UK’s ambitious net zero target, means and ways to manage and rise up to this challenge are needed.

In response to this challenge, the Future of Gas programme brings together a broad range of stakeholders through its Steering Group, a group that represents the gas industry value chain as well as UK Government, the gas network’s regulator and energy academics. This places the Future of Gas programme in the unique position of being able to assess net zero developments in a holistic fashion and explore where further work may need to be undertaken, as well as highlight potential gaps in current thinking and provide a platform to discuss and debate a variety of gas energy perspectives.

The Gas Markets Plan (GMaP)

To continue to deliver safe and reliable gas supplies at the best value for consumers as we transition to a net zero energy future, a process is needed to proactively and strategically consider how market frameworks may need to change across all potential energy futures. To achieve this, National Grid Gas, with support from the Future of Gas Steering Group, launched the Gas Market Plan (GMaP).

The GMaP programme undertakes a variety of market-based projects to progress understanding in specific market topics, which have been highlighted through our stakeholder engagements, the changing policy and regulatory landscape as well as the evolving supply and demand for gas. Our GMaP projects look to articulate where, when and what changes may be required to existing gas market arrangements to facilitate the net zero transition.

For an overview of the programme’s activities to date and themes that are to be explored through 2022, please take a look at the Enabling the Gas Market Plan 2020–2022 below.

Enabling the Gas Market Plan 2020-2022

Publications and events

Read our latest GMaP releases and find out ways you can get involved in future projects or events.

Regional differences in domestic heat

We aimed to understand which regions across England and Wales might be best suited to hydrogen for domestic heating, based on the regional prevalence of housing stock and where we expect the first hydrogen production and transmission infrastructure to be.

The role of Guarantees of Origin in driving a future UK hydrogen market

This first-of-a-kind project explored the role a hydrogen Guarantee of Origin (GoO) scheme could play in the development of a UK hydrogen market.

Hydrogen Gas Market Plan: Scenarios

We outlined four hydrogen scenarios to explore the hydrogen events or triggers that could lead to market change. For market participants, this will indicate how to plan for future market change, based on specific triggers that could come to fruition.

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Britain’s hydrogen blending delivery plan

Working with the ENA, we have published 'Britain’s hydrogen blending delivery plan', setting out how the commercial frameworks could be changed to enable Britain’s network of gas pipes to be ready to deliver 20% hydrogen around the country from 2023.

Hydrogen Gas Market Plan: Market considerations to support a hydrogen town

This insight piece explores potential market arrangements to enable a hydrogen town, alongside broader market considerations for a wider hydrogen rollout on the public gas networks.

Focus areas

What we'll be exploring for potential market change.

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Gas Quality Focus Area

The Gas Quality Focus Area will consider how market rules may need to evolve to accommodate more diverse, low carbon gases into the GB gas system.

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Hydrogen Focus Area

The Hydrogen Focus Area will consider market change activities needed to integrate hydrogen into the energy mix with minimal impact on gas market participants.

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Balancing Focus Area

The Balancing Focus Area will explore how the rules that incentivise balancing supply and demand may need to evolve as the gas landscape continues to change.

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Access Focus Area

The Access Focus Area will consider how current NTS Capacity access arrangements may need to evolve in the coming years as the gas landscape continues to change.

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Steering Group

The Future of Gas Steering Group has been established to provide cross-industry leadership to help develop and inform the Gas Markets Plan as well as discuss, debate and provide expertise on topics related to the future of gas.

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The Future of Gas: GMaP programme acts as a focal point for industry, decision makers, stakeholders and academics to discuss and explore the potential gas markets changes needed as we move through the energy transition towards our net zero future.

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