Breaking down your bill

Energy bills can sometimes seem complex, and it’s not always clear what consumers are paying for. Here, you can find out how much of your bill goes towards our Gas Transmission and System Operator costs, as well as how that cost breaks down.


Breaking down your gas bill

Last year presented extraordinary circumstances for businesses and consumers alike. The Russian war in Ukraine and resulting reduction in gas supplies to EU countries generated unforeseen and uncertain circumstances for the energy market. 

Despite wholesale gas prices falling since the 2022 peak, prices remain volatile. We are acutely aware of the impact that high gas prices can have on consumers across the board. 

In 2022/23, the impact of National Gas Transmission on the typical fuel bill was around £7.99 on the typical annual consumer bill. 


Gas Transmission and System Operator costs £8 of the average annual household bill  

The £8 of the average annual household bill paid for Gas Transmission and the System Operator activities includes a number of components, ranging from investment in the network to innovation.