Gas Winter Outlook, Review and Consultation

The Gas Winter Outlook, Review and Consultation reports are designed to inform the gas industry of our view of security of supply for the gas system for the winter ahead, to review the previous winter and compare this to what was said in our forecasts.


Gas Winter Outlook and Winter Review publications

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Gas Winter Outlook 2022-23

Welcome to this year’s Gas Winter Outlook.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and the resultant reduction in gas supplies to EU countries, has created unprecedented uncertainty for energy markets. In light of this uncertainty, in this publication we go further than ever before; providing more information and insight, with the aim of helping our customers and stakeholders to prepare for the winter ahead.

In addition to assessing peak supply and demand capability that has been central to previous Winter Outlooks, we are introducing a range of winter scenarios to illustrate how the National Transmission System (NTS) could be balanced under each one.

We hope you find this year's expanded publication useful and look forward to receiving your feedback.

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