Gas Winter Outlook, Review and Consultation

The Gas Winter Outlook, Review and Consultation reports are designed to inform the gas industry of our view of security of supply for the gas system for the winter ahead, to review the previous winter and compare this to what was said in our forecasts.


Gas Winter Outlook and Winter Review publications

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Gas Winter Outlook 2023-24

Gas Winter Outlook 2023-24

Welcome to this year’s Gas Winter Outlook.

The gas industry as a whole has faced unprecedented challenges over the past 18 months, stemming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and consequent disruption in global gas markets. This year’s Winter Outlook reflects a situation that is generally more favourable than last winter: but we remain alert to the global risks that are present and continue to monitor the market.

Britain continues to benefit from diverse and flexible sources of gas. We have sufficient capability to meet peak demand, and we forecast that overall GB winter demand (excluding exports to Europe) will be comparable to last year. We have illustrated in the Gas Winter Outlook how the NTS could be balanced under a range of credible demand profiles. In all of these scenarios, and as in recent winters, GB will be dependent on continued substantial imports of LNG and Norwegian gas. In our cold winter scenario, GB will likely also require imports from the EU through the two gas interconnectors.


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