RIIO-2 business plan - supporting videos

This series of videos is based on Ofgem’s open hearing themes. We look forward to your feedback or questions after you have watched them.

In this first video, our UK Executive Director, Nicola Shaw, sets out the context and key messages of our plan.

RIIO-2 business plan supporting videos for your feedback

Thank you for engaging with us over the past two years to help build a business plan that delivers your priorities. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Ofgem open hearings regarding our plan and Common Themes have been cancelled.

We’ve therefore created a series of six videos for you to watch, which are based on the themes that the hearings were due to cover. Each video goes some way to provide the context and highlights of our business plan and addresses outstanding stakeholder issues, such as those raised by the RIIO-2 Challenge Group.

Ongoing feedback from you

Our enhanced engagement for RIIO-2 has been extremely valuable and we’ve embraced a much greater role for stakeholders in our ongoing planning.

Please watch these short videos to discover the highlights for each theme relevant to your expertise, and continue to have your voice heard by using the feedback button.

COVID-19 update

In this first video, our UK Executive Director, Nicola Shaw, discusses how we’re dealing withCOVID-19, leading up to RIIO-2.

Theme 1

How we meet the needs of consumers and network users, and how their voice determined what is needed from our networks today and tomorrow.

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Theme 2

How we developed our plan to maintain the safety and resilience our stakeholders need, focusing on work needed to maintain the health of our ageing assets.

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Theme 3

How our plans deliver an environmentally sustainable network that facilitates net-zero at lowest cost.

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Theme 4

How our plans deliver value for money through driving a culture of efficiency and innovation.

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How we reflected changing conditions in the financial market through lower shareholder returns, while ensuring our business remains financially resilient.

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Hands on Table

Our RIIO-2 business plan (2021-2026)

Learn about our RIIO-2 business plan along with supporting information and an executive summary. Please let us know what you think because this plan has been built with you, for you.

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How you shaped our business plan

As we shape our future business plans, we want to hear the views of a wide range of people and organisations.

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