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Our plan is efficient and affordable

One of our key priorities is keeping energy affordable.

We strive to keep our impact on domestic and non-domestic consumer bills low and we work with our customers to keep energy affordable.

Our plan is efficient and affordable, providing value for money

We have a strong cost-focused culture, but we also are fully aware of the requirement to balance this with the service we deliver.

To deliver our proposals as cost-efficiently as possible we have challenged ourselves to drive efficiencies across all the activities of this business plan.

Our efficiency ambition will lead to a £47m per year reduction in our RIIO-2 costs, which is an 8 per cent efficiency. Beyond our own efficiency, we will work with Ofgem to identify where competition could be introduced to specific new, large and separable investment projects.

This chapter demonstrates the value for money of the entire business plan. It also discusses costs not mapped separately to other stakeholder priorities, including business support costs and non-controllable costs. 


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Golden Thread

Golden Threads demonstrate how the voice of our stakeholders is reflected in our business plan outputs. And how our business plan delivers value for consumers

I want you to be efficient and affordable 

Business Plan Annexes

Willingness to Pay Report
Independent report on results of joint electricity and gas transmission study estimating consumers' willingness to pay for changes in service during RIIO-2

Acceptability Testing Report 
The findings of research to test the acceptability of our business plan proposals for household consumers and business end-users

IT Investment Plan
An overview of our proposed Information Technology (IT) direct investments over the RIIO-2 period

Business_Support external benchmarking
Shows how our business support functions costs benchmark against comparator organisations

Opex annex 
Analysis and explanation of our total operating cost forecasts

Asset Health Unit Cost Process and Assessment
Our cost estimating methodology including how we use evidence from outturn costs, supplier quotations, internal and external benchmarking

IT Strategy
Our overall IT strategy and approach within which our proposed business wide IT investments sit

Actual company Ofgem package with 5% dividend yield excluding outperformance wedge

Actual company Ofgem package including outperformance wedge

Actual company Ofgem package excluding outperformance wedge

Actual company National Grid Financial package

Native Competition Plan
Provide insight into how native competition delivers value for consumers

Digitalisation strategy
Our Digitalisation Strategy outlines where we are today, our strategy for the future and our priorities for RIIO T2. It also invites stakeholders to engage with us on our approach to digitalisation.

Investment Decision Packs

Investment decision packs set out the technical need case, options assessed and proposed investments.

Ellipse Justification Paper

Infrastructure Hosting services Engineering Justification paper

Business Services Engineering Justification paper

Enterprise Network Refresh Engineering Justification paper

End User compute Engineering Justification paper

IT Operations & Tooling Engineering Justification paper

The cost benefit analysis below demonstrates the investment modelling for supporting our decision through various options considered. 

Cost benefits analysis on efficient and affordable



Hands on table working on National Grid Gas RIIO-2 business plan

How you shaped our business plan

Here you can find information about how we consulted with our stakeholders on our business plan.

This includes webinars, reports and consultation documents and blogs supporting our business planning activities.

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