National Grid gas pipes for RIIO-2

Network capability

This section explains that, despite uncertainties over GB’s energy future, some decisions for our RIIO-2 plan must be taken now, whilst some can be deferred until there is greater certainty.

We outline the approach we have undertaken to ensure the business plan is consistent with how those stakeholder needs may change over time.

Network capability

This part of the business plan describes how we will deliver the network capability that efficiently meets our stakeholders needs. 

In our business plan, we explain how our asset base delivers network capability - which parts of our investment plans are impacted by our decisions on network capability. We outline the process by which our plan is built and tested to ensure the network capability we propose efficiently meets our stakeholders needs.

There are no significant changes to the proposed levels of network capability during RIIO-2 in our business plan, i.e. the initial and target levels of network capability are the same.

Supporting information

EY Report
An independent report by Ernst & Young quantifying some of the long term economic benefits of maintaining the current capabilities of the NTS

Compressor Supporting Information
A regional summary of how our investments at compressor sites across the NTS supports the network capability requirements of our stakeholders. Focussing on those compressor sites which are not the subject of specific environmental emissions legislation driven investments

Network capability report
This report provides metrics that show the network capability that is available at the start and end of the RIIO-2 period.

Baseline obligated capacities report
This report sets out our assessment of the appropriateness of existing entry and exit capacity baselines. The report proposes reductions in the entry capacity baseline at St Fergus and Theddlethorpe. 

Network Capability Engagement Report

Hands on table working on National Grid Gas RIIO-2 business plan

How you shaped our business plan

Here you can find information about how we consulted with our stakeholders on our business plan.

This includes webinars, reports and consultation documents and blogs supporting our business planning activities.

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