Red sunset over city for National Grid gas RIIO-2


We have worked with our stakeholders to build a business plan that reflects their expectations and delivers the services they want.

This involves infrastructure investment which will be funded through a combination of debt and equity.

We can finance our plan

We have developed our business plan to deliver on our consumer and stakeholder priorities and provide value for money.

Part of this is ensuring that our plan balances the needs of investors with the needs of consumers today and into the future.

Getting an appropriate financial framework which is transparent, robust and reflects the risks and long-term nature of the investments is vital in ensuring networks are able to fund future infrastructure efficiently and sustainably

Hands on table working on National Grid Gas RIIO-2 business plan

How you shaped our business plan

Here you can find information about how we consulted with our stakeholders on our business plan.

This includes webinars, reports and consultation documents and blogs supporting our business planning activities.

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