National Grid RIIO-2

Cross-cutting themes

We have submitted some cross-cutting annexes to support our business plan.  They are designed to help stakeholders understand and locate in one place themes that relate to the whole of our plan.

Cross-cutting themes 

We've submitted some cross-cutting annexes to support our business plan. These annexes cut across the whole of our business plan, rather than being related to one specific stakeholder priority.


What you can find on this page

Our cross-cutting annexes cover:

  • the output delivery incentives (ODIs) in our plan;
  • the outputs we are committing to in our plan; and
  • the uncertainty mechanisms we are proposing.
Golden Threads
Supporting information

Ofgem Business Plan Guidance Mapping
How we meet Ofgem’s business plan guidance and where you can find this information in our business pln.

Assurance Report
Details of our assurance programme over the business plan

Irregular Submission Assurance
Information regarding data assurance in line with Ofgem Data Assurance Guidance

Price Control Deliverables
Our proposed Price Control Deliverables (PCDs) for outputs that are directly funded through the price control and where the funding provided is not transferrable to a different output or project

Uncertainty mechanisms
Explanation of all of the uncertainty mechanisms we are proposing in our plan to manage uncertainty over future need

Output Delivery Incentives (ODIs)
Our proposals for incentivising improvements in delivering outputs for customers

Output, UM and CVP snapshot
Summary tables of the outputs, uncertainty mechanisms and consumer value propositions that are included in our plan.

Business plan data table
Our Business Plan Data Templates submitted to Ofgem on the 9th December 2019 that supports our RIIO-2 business plan

NARMs business plan data tables Narrative

RIIO-GT2 BPDT Data Table Narrative


Hands on table working on National Grid Gas RIIO-2 business plan

How you shaped our business plan

Here you can find information about how we consulted with our stakeholders on our business plan.

This includes webinars, reports and consultation documents and blogs supporting our business planning activities.

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