Shaping the future of the St Fergus gas terminal

Stakeholders have told us it's a site of fundamental importance to the UK, as it currently provides flexibility, supports security of supply and supports access to the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) gas; helping to keep gas prices low.

The St Fergus gas terminal, which accepts gas from three sub-terminals, is currently one of the highest utilised sites on the national transmission system (NTS). 

The access to UKCS gas also allows access to oil production, another benefit to the UK economy.

The terminal has been in continuous operation for over 40 years and requires a level of investment to both re-life a number of assets on the terminal and (subject to establishing the future operation) make the compressors that receive gas from the North Sea Midstream Partners (NSMP) sub-terminal compliant with new environmental legislation.

As you may know, we have previously engaged (see below) on the commercial and funding arrangements as well as the future needs of the terminal.  We have now finished conducting a consultation on the preferred option i.e. how we plan to meet the needs of our customers at the St Fergus Terminal through to 2040 and beyond.

Specifically, through this consultation we're asked for stakeholder input into:

  • The needs case for investment

  • Views on our preferred option including the underlying assumptions we’ve used

  • Next steps for charging options

Download the consultation document

Download the consultation report - NEW!

View the preferred option consultation webinar

Download the consultation log



Previous Engagement

Building on what stakeholders told us during the RIIO-2 process, we have now completed a formal consultation that asked for stakeholder input to:

  • identify any changes in stakeholder needs for the terminal

  • seek views on including wider market impacts in our assessment

  • determine how to recover assumed funded works via charges.

Download the consultation document

Download the consultation report

Watch the consultation playback webinar

Download the consultation log

Here are the non-confidential responses we have received:

Citizens AdviceOGUK
Energy UKShell

We also held an industry webinar on 10 August 2021, to provide an overview of the consultation. You can watch a recording of the webinar and download the slides.