Towards 2030 – a System Operator for GB’s Energy Future

The System Operator is publishing its thinking in a number of areas, across both electricity and gas, out to 2030.

We will set out the activities that we’ll undertake, the investments needed to deliver on this ambition, how we’ll innovate for the future and the performance outcomes we will be measured against.

Today, we publish Towards 2030.

We have a clear vision for the future of energy – not just for the next few years but for the next decade and beyond. We believe that, by 2030, cleaner energy sources like wind and solar, coupled with emerging technologies such as battery storage and electric vehicles, will forever change society’s relationship with energy.

It’s an exciting and ambitious vision, which, to make it happen, will require us to overcome some huge challenges and transform our role as System Operator at the heart of the energy industry. And we cannot deliver it alone, we need our industry partners and stakeholders to share our vision.

That is why we have set out our thinking in a new document, called Towards 2030. Its aim is twofold: to provide clear direction with strong focus for our long-term decision-making; and, to kick-start the conversation with the wider industry – because it’s crucial that we have broad input on how we shape and refine our plans.

Towards 2030 sets out areas of priority focus, which we believe will deliver the energy future we envisage and the changes in our own role. Essentially, we will no longer think in terms of gas and electricity as separate systems; we will plan and manage our networks to be smarter, welcoming new players who want to connect to them, providing a transparent, efficient and strongly competitive market-driven environment. All this will deliver greater value for the end customer.

We are already holding conversations with our stakeholders about our plans contained in the document. The journey Towards 2030 has begun.