Two engineers wearing high visibility jackets in front of a wooded compressor site

RIIO-T2 stakeholder groups learn about us

Members from the independently chaired RIIO-T2 Electricity and Gas Stakeholder Groups donned their PPE kit when they visited the Peterborough Compressor site recently.

The diverse membership of the Stakeholder Groups – which include consumer representatives, public interest groups, new business models as well as traditional customers and other energy networks – will challenge the RIIO-T2 stakeholder engagement and business plans. For that reason, several visits and meetings are planned for members to better understand our business.

The group was shown around the site, visiting both the existing site and the upgrade project underway.

Carole Hook, Regulatory Strategy Manager, said:

It was great to see how engaged the group were during the visit. They were impressed with the scale of the site and project, as well as the clear and effective focus on safety.

“Stand-out questions from the group challenged us on innovation and what would happen to the country if we didn’t have Peterborough.”