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i40 Remote Connectivity

Remote connectivity to an industrial control system can enable the transfer of information for asset health monitoring, intervention planning and data analytics. However, the same connectivity can also introduce cyber-security risks which can affect the safety and reliability of those systems.

The i40 remote connectivity project looks at ways to enable remote connectivity to assets without increasing the cyber security risk and builds on the open-source architecture of previous projects such as Open-Source SCADA.

The team developed and trialled several viable solutions that can meet both current and future business needs, before presenting the outcomes to the business.

The project was successful and demonstrated that using two ruggedised industrial computers alongside a data diode (a hardware device that controls the flow of data) will deliver a secure and maintainable solution.

The project looked at enabling several future data-driven and operational use cases for remote connectivity, which will help digitally transform the gas industry. It produced a balanced cyber security and least functionality approach which saw the expansion of the on-site OT architecture.

The enhanced architecture that was developed through the project, has been included as part of the Open Source Scada business as usual transition programme, and will be delivered as part of the first three site installations, scheduled to be completed before the end of 2021.