Don’t miss the latest breakthroughs in gas innovation

From understanding the impact of greener gas alternatives to carrying out critical inspections with drones, National Grid Gas Transmission’s (NGGT) new annual innovation summary outlines the year’s biggest advances and developments. And you can download it now.

Innovation is central to the success of NGGT’s business; the summary reports progress across a broad range of gas innovation projects funded through the Network Innovation Allowance (NIA).

Projects are now aligned to the themes of Future of Gas, Safety and Emergency, Reliability and Maintenance, Environment and Low Carbon, and Security – all of which are designed to ensure innovation is focused on the issues that matter most to gas customers. This follows NGGT restructuring its innovation work over the past year, in line with the new Gas Network Innovation Strategy.

Across these themes, NGGT delivered 36 NIA projects this year, including the HyNTS programme of hydrogen projects, Valve Pits Insulation and Open Source SCADA. HyNTS is particularly important to the UK as it explores how we can decarbonise the gas used for heating and transport.

Two flagship NIC projects were also completed. Through Project GRAID (Gas Robotic Agile Inspection Device), NGGT has developed a robot that can inspect live high-pressure pipelines in a more sustainable and cost-effective way. Project CLoCC (Customer Low Cost Connections), meanwhile, makes it faster and cheaper for customers to connect to the network.

As NGGT develops its plans for RIIO-2, the next price control period, innovation will remain at the heart of what it does.

“Our innovation vision is to create the network of the future and facilitate UK decarbonisation,” said Innovation Delivery Manager Tom Neal. “We’re working closely with our stakeholders to develop how we’ll innovate, using a wide range of funding routes to drive real change in our business, bring value to customers and decarbonise our network.”

Download the NGGT Innovation Annual Summary today for a full picture of all the work the business has done this year.