In the gas industry, the ability to manage health, safety and environmental risks is critical. Support from experienced SHE professionals is vital – which is why we have our own dedicated team. With backgrounds in both client and contractor-facing organisations, our specialists thoroughly understand the needs of everyone we work with. As well as the gas industry, this includes associated fields such as civil construction and excavation, electrical works and general construction.

What we do

First and foremost, our SHE team helps our operations teams build their abilities and understanding in health, safety and environmental matters. We work closely with them to enhance PMC’s principal contractor model, while retaining our capabilities and versatility as a specialist contractor.

We’re working towards achieving ISO 45001 certification. This standard for occupational health and safety management will show we have the structure and systems to meet consistently high standards. As part of the wider National Grid business, we already work within a system certificated to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard.

Quality assurance

National Grid, including PMC, meets the ISO 9001 requirements for a quality management system. With this accreditation, we offer a full range of quality assurance and quality control services – from preparing quality plans and inspection-and-test plans, to front-line inspection by our qualified team.

Through these services, we ensure works run smoothly and to all relevant technical specifications. We can customise documentation and inspections to cover a specific scope of work, and to confirm compliance with the governing code, specifications and procedures used to control and assure its integrity.

Our inspectors and quality engineers have broad experience in oil, gas and power generation, as well as other industries. Most importantly, our inspectors are qualified to BGAS/CSWIP/PCN and are UKAS accredited, so they can sign off reports and carry out inspections to the highest level.

We can provide inspectors skilled in all non-destructive examination (NDE) processes, including manual phased array, ultrasonic inspection, magnetic particle inspection and radiography. We carry out radiography in our on-site HSE-approved bunker, and an experienced team of technicians conduct hydrostatic testing in a safe, secure bunded area, minimising risks to the environment.

We support all work PMC carries out with a range of verification documents – and again, we can customise these to suit your particular specifications. A detailed index covers all work activities, and we present everything in comprehensive job-completion files.

Who’s who?

Matt Frost          Technical SHE Manager        [email protected]

Sophie Lewis      SHE Advisor                        [email protected]

Alistair Parker     Lead Quality Advisor            [email protected]

Nick Burton        Technical SHE Advisor          [email protected]

Emma Hanson.   Environmental Specialist.     [email protected]

Dave Robinson  SHE Advisor                         [email protected]