Painting Coating and Wrapping

Our Ambergate depot has the largest blast and paint facility within National Grid, including four-metre-wide booth doors and a 25-tonne crane in a fully controlled environment. Therefore we can accommodate large items such as bath heaters and pig-trap filters. 

The blast and paint team includes painting inspectors and coating inspectors with a combined experience of over 70 years, and they can revitalise virtually anything that can fit onto the network, and ensure a quick turnaround. They are able to confirm the health of an item and quickly rectify any faults they find.

Our painting and coating techniques range from hand painting a 1" plug to spray painting a 48" pig trap with a 54" closure, and everything in between.

We complete all work to the National Grid Standards, T/SP/CW/5, T/SP/CW/6 and T/SP/PA/10. We can undertake other standards to your specification. 


Brush and spray painting

We utilise a combination of painting methods depending on the item. 

We have the full range of spray painting equipment such as SRI spray gun, suction cup, and we also do pressure pot spraying. 


We use a number of different coatings dependent on the intended use.  

Coatings range from dry applied to moisture tolerant coatings which are very hard wearing and long life. These are designed mainly for below ground purposes. 

We also do wrap services with cold applied laminate tapes. This is then fully inspected before it leaves our premises.

Painting inspections

At our Ambergate site we have two full time fully qualified painting inspectors. Every item is fully inspected throughout this process and we work to National Grid standard PA10, which is the specification for new and maintenance painting at works and site for above ground pipeline and plant installations.

Closed booth blasting

This is very efficient as the shot is recycled about 200 times per particle. This produces very little waste and therefore is extremely environmentally friendly. 

Coating inspections

We work to National Grid standard CW5 and PA10 which is the specification for field applied external coatings for buried pipework and systems and new and maintenance painting for above ground pipelines and plan installations. 

Our technicians are also trained to the relevant BGAS or CSWIP qualification 

Inspections can range from factory bonded epoxy to cold applied laminate tapes to moisture tolerant and dry applied coatings.