South East Webinar

When: 20 February 2019, 13:30  –  14:30

Where: Webinar (details will be sent upon registration)

Service Area: RIIO-2

Category: Consultation

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Have your say and shape the energy network of the future:


Gas delivers the greatest share of Great Britain’s energy today for households, businesses, industry and power generation. The energy landscape is changing – increased gas/electricity interactions, greater control over how we use energy and the need to meet decarbonisation targets make engagement with stakeholders critical when developing our business plans.

Within the South East of England there are a number of challenges that mean we need to make investment decisions now that could impact the way the network is used in the future.  These challenges, which include changing power station generation profiles, locations and profiles of gas supply onto the NTS, and increasing variations in within-day flows, have been discussed in our recent series of Future Operability Planning publications which are available here.

Join us on for this short webinar as we set out the problems faced, what they mean for you and how you can help us develop the right solutions to meet the needs of all our stakeholders

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