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Resources for teachers

On this page, you’ll find a range of resources to support learning which includes information, themed photos and videos.

Resources for teachers

Gasworks played a central part in our lives for over two centuries. Whether it was giving us the power to heat our homes, employing thousands of people or giving our skylines a distinctive feature.

As one of the custodians of this industrial heritage, we want to capture and share this fascinating history with younger generations. Using our extensive knowledge and working with education experts, we’ve created a suite of fun and engaging learning materials to offer pupils a unique insight into our industry and everyone’s past.

Our learning materials are free to download, or use online, and provide teachers with easy to use content, covering our scientific heritage and our ever-changing social history.

Our resources cover a range of topics

Our resources for teachers are designed to support history learning and the development of children’s enquiry and critical thinking skills. They are supplied as interactive PDF’s and are free to download or use online.

These rich resources include themed photographs and videos, alongside fascinating information and tried-and-tested ideas for curriculum-linked learning at Key Stages 1 and 2.

Use them to support topics such as:

  • energy                     
  • homes
  • Victorians
  • jobs and work
  • technology
  • the industrial revolution.    

And for cross-curricular work in English, Technology, Science and Art & Design.


Resources to download or use online

Gas Lighting 

Gas Lighting front cover of National Grid teachers resource



Where were the first streets to be lit by gas and how did gas lighting find its way into our homes and schools? Explore the revolutionary invention that transformed life in Victorian Britain and the early 20th century.

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Heating & Cooking with Gas

Heating and Cooking with Gas National Grid resource for teachers



From cast-iron stoves and early radiators to gas baths and explosive geysers. Discover how we have been using gas to cook our food and heat our homes for over 150 years.

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Gas Gadgets 

Gas Gadgets for National Grid Gas teachers resources



Gas powered washing machines, irons, fans, hairdryers, radios – even a waffle maker! Explore the weird and wonderful gadgets produced by the gas industry for our homes.

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Gas: how was it made?

How was it made for National Grid gas teachers resources



Find out how gas was first discovered by William Murdoch over 200 years ago, where gas comes from and how it makes its way into our homes.

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The Changing Role of Women 

The changing role of women for National Grid gas teachers resources



From the early ‘Lady demons’ of the gas industry and pioneering female workers of the war years, to modern-day engineers and industry leaders, explore the changing role of women in work and society.

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Transport and Vehicles

Transport and vehicles for National Grid Gas teachers' resources



Journey into the past with horse-and-cart cooker deliveries, cars and lorries that ran on gas, and pedal-powered gas engineers.

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Classroom Activities

Classroom Activities for National Grid Gas teachers resources



Bring classroom learning to life with our tried-and tested curriculum-linked activities.

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Your local gas heritage 

Your Gas Heritage for National Grid Gas teachers resources




Today our gas comes from the North Sea, but not so long ago there was a gasworks in every UK town and city, producing coal gas for our street lights, homes, schools and businesses. Find clues to your own local history with our illustrated guide.

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Gas heritage timeline

Gas heritage timeline


Our illustrated timeline tells the story of over 200 years of gas in our homes and streets, from William Murdoch’s revolutionary gas lights, through heaters, cookers - even radios and cars! - to Britain's first ever coal-free day. Designed to project onto Classroom whiteboards or to print out as an A3 or A2 poster.



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Exploring gas - presentation, notes and experiments


Gas teachers notes

Exploring Gas presentation Use our presentation to introduce the three states of matter - solids, liquids and gases - and find out how gas was used in the past.







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Exploring gas

Exploring Gas presentation notes
Slide-by-slide notes to accompany the Exploring Gas presentation.






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Exploring gas experiments

Exploring Gas: classroom experiments
Simple, fun, safe experiments, using everyday items to explore how gas can be made and used.






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