Victoria Mustard

Victoria Mustard is the Decarbonisation Strategy Lead at Xoserve.

Victoria has worked in several roles across the Energy Industry for the last 11 years, covering: account management; project management; service management; advocacy and service; and, customer experience design through to strategy and regulation development at Npower and National Grid.  She has worked on key programmes such as Smart Meter rollout, Nexus and Customer Transformation.

Her current role at Xoserve is to lead and develop a programme of work that will enable decarbonisation of the energy industry, supporting key trials and projects; such as Future Billing Methodology, H100, Hydrogen Village, Hydrogen Town and Project Union. Her main focuses are hydrogen market development, Central Data Services design and future energy settlement. 

She is currently a member of the Gas Goes Green advisory group, Gas Blending group and Future of Gas systems advisory group, and runs monthly engagement sessions on behalf of industry to discuss and debate key topics around hydrogen development.

Xoserve is the Central Data services provider to the Gas Industry, providing a suite of vital services – including maintaining the central register and all its related information flows across all gas supply points throughout the gas network, ensuring that the gas entering and leaving the network is tracked and can remain ‘in balance’ between supply and demand.