Angus Paxton

Angus Paxton is a Principal Consultant at AFRY

Angus Paxton has over 20 years of energy market experience, initially focussed on planning the NTS. As a consultant he has broadened his skills and knowledge considerably to include gas storage, gas market design and trading advisory, gas network, gas interconnector, electricity interconnector and biomass generation valuation, biomethane policy design, biogas due diligence, CCS regulatory support, and electricity transmission system digitalisation strategy work.

The majority of Angus’s work has centred on providing long-term projections and forecasts. These projections have led Angus to lead several teams providing a range of services to a variety of clients. Work has included:

  • regulatory cost-benefit and impact assessment work, for clients such as the UK Government (DECC), Ofgem, the European Commission, ACER;
  • policy and market analysis, for clients such as Gas Infrastructure Europe, the Dutch Gas Storage Association (VGN), ENTOS-E;
  • detailed market rule analysis, price control and assurance work, for clients such as National Grid Gas, the Gas Forum, Ofgem, National Grid Carbon; 
  • due diligence and asset valuation, for investors including clients such as Fluxys (Belgian TSO), Ancala Partners (investment bank), Arjun Infrastructure Partners (infrastructure fund), PGGM (pension fund).

Angus was involved in Pöyry’s energy transition studies – the Future of Energy Decarbonisation Study (FEDS) and both of Pöyry’s Gas Intermittency studies – and also leads Pöyry’s UK biogas and biomethane team. He was also retained by a (confidential) client to provide expert witness testimony in English High Court litigation. Angus studied Computer Science and Maths, and software and systems development has been an important part of his work throughout his career.