Business planning (RIIO)

We developed our business plan against a background of rapid change in the energy industry. It doesn't end there, in fact it's just the start. Please continue sharing your views with us. 

Working together on our business planning

We care about the communities in which we work, the environment, and the views of people and organisations who have an interest in our work and our planning. 

Decarbonisation, digitisation and decentralisation are all shaping the energy system of the future. We now face some important choices as we shape our business plan and we want to gain insight from you, our stakeholders.

By working together, we can make sure we reflect what’s important to you and it will also help us shape plans that provide real benefits to consumers.    

Regular consultations

Understanding your views is an ongoing process. Over the past two years, you've engaged with us to help us build a business plan that delivers your priorities.

By consulting regularly with you to find out how you think we’re doing, we can see where we need to improve. Regular feedback also helps inform our ongoing business planning. 

Our current business plan - RIIO-2

Our current business plan covers the RIIO-2 period, which runs from 2021-2026. We regularly consult with our stakeholders, which also include our regulator, Ofgem, and Government, on relevant topics, such as shaping the future gas system and network planning.  

By engaging with our stakeholders, we can take your views into account and make sure that our plans reflect what’s important to you.  

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Improving our Natural Capital

National Grid is committed to protecting and enhancing the natural environment. Nature provides a wide range of benefits and services that underpin our daily lives, communities and economies. This document outlines how we have formulated new approaches to land use and management, leading to practical action that can deliver long-term benefits to people and biodiversity at local, national and global levels.

Independent stakeholder groups

We’ve worked extensively with the independently chaired Stakeholder User Group. The group scrutinised our engagement approach for our RIIO-2 business plan and provided challenge and feedback. This made certain that our plan achieved the right outcomes for stakeholders, who also include end consumers.

Alongside this, Ofgem's RIIO-2 Challenge Group is considering the affordability and sustainability of our plan. 

Each group will submit a report to Ofgem in addition to our own submission. You can download the RIIO-2 Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement Guidance document from Ofgem’s website.

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