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Network Asset Risk Metric (NARM) methodology consultation

Through our new NARM methodology, we can now better quantify the level of performance that our assets are delivering for customers. This provides additional justification for the expenditure needed to maintain and improve our safety, reliability and environmental performance across our network.

Our consultation

We welcome your feedback and comments on the content and our approach, in particular, whether this methodology will enable us to meet the NARM objectives detailed in our licence. Please send us an email to let us know your thoughts.

We would also like to get your answers to how well we have explained how:

  1. we translate asset condition and performance into a monetised risk value for different asset types

  2. this is used to value current and future monetised risk

  3. different types of risk can be valued and used to inform: a) investment planning; b) network risk outputs reporting

  4. we calculate the new RIIO-2 Network Asset Risk Metric (NARM), based on the Long Term Monetised Risk Benefit (LTRB)

The Gas Transmission NARM methodology is presented through a suite of documents, summarising and detailing the approach and assumptions adopted to quantify monetised risk and apply this to assessing the long-term monetised risk reductions delivered by asset investments.


Reviewing and updating our methodology into the future

The methodology, in addition to being a licence obligation, also forms part of National Grid’s ISO55001 accredited Asset Management Strategy and Objectives (AMSO). The AMSO includes processes for:

  • performance evaluation, including asset performance and health monitoring

  • improvement, including management review, audit and assurance.

AMSO annual monitoring will be used as a basis to review the methodology, in addition to the annual review requirement specified in the RIIO-2 licence. The key parameters used in the methodology – such as predicted rates of deterioration, costs of interventions and maintenance – will be maintained and reviewed through these mechanisms.

As per licence requirements, we will continue to review the methodology on an annual basis at least. Actual modifications to the data and assumptions contained within the methodology will be made if we believe this would drive an improvement in the quantification of the asset risks and improve its decision-making processes. We will always consult on more major changes to our methodology and proposals will be submitted to Ofgem for approval.

Have your say on our current business plans

We regularly consult with our stakeholders on our current business plans, which cover the period 2013-2021. Below, you can find details of our ongoing consultations, as well as documents and information relating to our previous consultations.  

We would like to hear your feedback on these and other topics relating to our business plans, so we can take your views into account in our planning.

Get involved

As we shape our business plans, we want to hear the views of a wide range of people and organisations who have an interest in what we do. Please contact us with questions or feedback.


Shaping the gas transmission system of the future: event materials

Our events in 2021 focused on tackling challenges experienced across the wider energy industry and beyond. Read through our event materials and watch the webinars to learn more.

Event materials

Previous consultation documents

Compressor strategy engagement documents 

We’re working with you to develop a strategy for our gas compressors, so we can make sure they meet the requirements of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED). Gas compressors maintain the pressure on the National Transmission System and make sure gas reaches its destination when it’s needed. 

Here you can view webinar materials and information relating to our compressor strategy and the Industrial Emissions Directive.

Network output measures documents 

Working with Ofgem, we’ve been developing a new way to value the risk and performance levels of our network. Our approach will help plan asset health work more efficiently, reducing the impact on customers.

Here, you can view or download information relating to our network output measures (NOMs) Methodology. 

Market attractiveness and accessibility 

We’re building on our stakeholder engagement to understand what Uniform Network Code (UNC) and market arrangements are required in the future.  

Aylesbury - Cap D - Kye Ettridge

Gas Quality Blending Service consultation

We have recently been exploring the potential for National Grid to offer gas quality blending services at NTS entry points.

Learn more about gas quality blending