How we installed a new business gas supply on the site of an old colliery.

With the creation of the new 20MW Chatterley Whitfield power-generation plant, on disused colliery land in Stoke-on-Trent, our Siteworks team was involved on several levels.

Initially, we looked at the feasibility of providing the gas needed to power the plant, and determined how best to gain access to the existing gas network. Identifying the nearest connection point 1.5 kilometres away, we provided a hot-tap-welded connection on the 12" 7-bar steel gas main and laid the 250mm diameter polyethylene pipe needed to supply gas to the site.

The whole project included the design, identification, capacity check and approval of the connection to the mains, and the subsequent commissioning of the pressure-reduction station and gas meters – all managed and carried out by our Siteworks team.