Siteworks team constructs new gas infrastructure to power new Yorkshire Power Generation site.

Our Siteworks team provided a full scope of works to give this power generation customer the gas infrastructure needed to construct its 23,000kW power generation site.

To achieve this, we provided a full turn-key package, including:

  • a new gas connection and supply

  • gas service

  • meter module

  • concrete base

  • bespoke kiosk; and

  • outlet pipework.

The new gas infrastructure will supply three new gas turbine engines, which will generate 5MW of energy to be fed back to the electricity distribution network.

For us to achieve the gas connection needed, our GIRS Design team submitted a design and gained authorisation from the gas network to carry out works to connect a new 250mm polyethylene (PE), medium pressure gas service, 14m in length to the existing parent network, which was an 18 inch Spun Iron Medium Pressure gas main.

The concrete base was constructed to the specific design for the new 56m medium pressure rotary meter, module to be seated and housed by the bespoke Kingsley plastics kiosk.

The outlet pipework was then installed, which was all below-ground PE – consisting of 38m of 250mm and 17m of 125mm PE, with three separate above-ground risers with 100mm termination gate valves, which would provide the three new turbine engine gas inlet feeds.

Our metering service partner then fully commissioned the new meter module and Elcor Plus logger before handing the site over to the customer.

James Burke, Siteworks Project Managers, said: “The Siteworks team really enjoy the challenges of providing a full gas utility and metering works package to create complex power generation sites, such as this one in Yorkshire.”

Image: Common Side Lane Engine