Our culture

We encourage a culture where our people feel both seen and heard. It’s important to us that our employees feel confident that their ideas will be listened to, their needs will be recognised, and that they can bring their “whole selves” to work.

Everyone at National Gas Metering is here for a reason, and we’re committed to placing equal value on the skills, expertise and ideas that each person brings to the table, whatever their role in the company.

Our people are what keeps the company moving forward. They enable us to deliver sustainable performance for our customers, and in turn for our business and stakeholders. So it’s essential that we support them in feeling the capability and confidence to do this every day.

Engagement groups

Metering’s Engagement Group (known as the "MEG") is a forum where employees from each part of the business come together to discuss and implement their teams’ thoughts, feelings and ideas, with the purpose of driving who we are as a business. This covers areas such as:

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Our people are the heart of our business, and their wellbeing - both mental and physical - is one of our top priorities. Our Wellbeing Employee Resource Group raise awareness and facilitate discussions to promote a positive working environment.

Learning and development

Across Metering, employees receive additional learning tools and are encouraged to develop their transferable skills and skillsets. We have a dedicated focus group to enable innovation in the Learning and Development space.

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Helping others in the community is a big part of Metering, and the Community Focus Group have already delivered a number of successful activities. This creates a compassionate community within, and also benefits others outside of Metering.

Group of people in the employability program


Founded in 2013, Employability is our supported internships scheme. The scheme acts as a stepping stone for young people aged 16-24 with additional needs. Over the years the Employability students have gone on to secure permanent jobs within Metering.

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Pay and reward

All objectives are shared across the business so that we are working towards the same goal. Subjects such as bonus, pay, rewards and job profiles are steered within a focus group to ensure the best decisions for our people.