Our Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) and Daily Metering devices are designed to make monitoring gas consumption as easy as possible.

For most kinds of commercial gas meter installation, our devices let you keep track of the gas your organisation uses, remotely from any location. So you have the accurate, up-to-date consumption information you need to help you control costs. We can retrofit our devices to existing metering equipment or install them with new installations.

The hardware

To ensure long-lasting service, our AMR and DM devices have been extensively tested for durability, signal reliability and data quality. Because of their accurate performance, they are also used by the gas networks to monitor flow and pressure across the UK.

Each device is a self-contained unit, with a replaceable battery. You can choose various configurations for data frequency and different types of installation to suit your sites and meters. They complement existing building-management systems, and offer true national coverage with non-network-specific roaming SIM cards (signal boosters and aerials can be used in exceptionally remote locations, and options for telephone hardwiring devices are also available).

The data

With complete data, you can control costs, always receiving accurate, validated invoices – no more estimated readings or budget accruals.

Through our AMR portal, you can view meter readings and consumption data in a graphical or tabular format. You can also download the information in user-specific reports.

Choose to see your reading data daily, broken down into half-hourly consumption windows – or opt for other configurations to suit your needs (such as daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly). We can send the data by the industry ‘Information Exchange’ or via automated email file formats. In all cases, the readings are validated before you receive them. With DM devices, the data is issued directly to Xoserve for settlement purposes.

Our support for your business

Although we’ve designed our hardware and processes to work seamlessly, we know you might have questions from time to time. So our AMR team is here to provide any support you need with your business gas meter installation.

In addition, we carry out regular account reviews, covering factors such as read performance, installation roll-out plans and query handling. You can also choose to have yearly maintenance visits.

Working with you on site

How we work with you while installing and maintaining your hardware is just as important as the equipment itself and the data it provides. Our technicians are trained to provide outstanding customer service and will always arrive at your premises with National Grid-branded letters of authority and contact details.

You’ll also find arranging site visits very easy. Our customer contact teams operate an efficient process for booking installation and maintenance jobs, letting you choose specific appointment windows of flexible visit times. For large projects, we run regular progress reviews, involving you, as required, through catch-up meetings.

Meter Pulse Utilisation (MPU)

As an AMR Service Provider Code of Practice (ASPCoP) member, we will administer the process for connecting any AMR device to a third-party metering asset. Using MPU, we ensure every installation complies to ASPCoP standards and to the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers IGEM GM7 standards. We can also do this for anyone connecting devices to National Grid-owned meters.


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