Peterborough MCPD

We will keep you regularly updated regarding our works, including attending the Glinton Parish Council meeting in June. 

If you have any queries, please contact our community relations team available by email: [email protected]  and through our community helpline: 0800 8199 071 which is available from 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday with answerphone service on weekends.

You can also write to us at: Freepost IPB (you don't need an address or stamp): 

What is a Gas compressor and why do we need it?

Gas compressors are part of our national gas transmission system which is important national infrastructure. They raise the pressure of the gas which is transported more efficiently around the country through the underground pipework, to where it is needed for use in our homes and businesses.

Some of the gas compressors at our site are more than 30 years old and National Gas must ensure the gas transmission network and equipment is kept updated and continues to operate reliably.

The new compressor will replace two of the existing four compressors helping us to run the system more efficiently and creating much lower emissions.

We have been working closely with Ofgem, our government regulator, and they have confirmed they support the need for this work.

Biodiversity and National Gas Transmission

National Gas Transmission is committed to deliver at least 10% Environmental Net Gain, meaning we will leave biodiversity, the natural environment and the benefits it provides e.g Carbon capture and storage, clean air, clean water, health and wellbeing benefits and more, in a better state than it was prior to our development.

To achieve this, we have completed a number of assessments to develop our understanding of the existing habitats within and surrounding our site that will be impacted by our development.

Based on those studies we will use the latest tools to develop ways to improve and enhance habitats and the local environment through our development 

We will work closely with Peterborough Council's environmental team, Natural England and other organisations to develop, agree and deliver our improvements.

Project Timeline
Community Engagement

We wrote to our closest neighbours to inform them of our project plans. You can read a copy of the letter here. 

We also attended Glinton Parish Council meeting in June 2024. You can view a copy of the presentation slides here.