Breaking down your bill

Energy bills can sometimes seem complex, and it’s not always clear what consumers are paying for. Here, you can find out how much of your bill goes towards our Gas Transmission and System Operator costs, as well as how that cost breaks down.


Breaking down your gas bill

Our gas network costs householders about £9 a year of the average annual bill of £554 – which is 1.6% of your total bill. This amount covers the cost of building and maintaining the high-pressure gas transmission network across Great Britain, and the cost of the System Operator’s services in balancing the system.


Gas Transmission and System Operator costs £9 of the average annual household bill  

*We use Ofgem’s methodology to report the impact of our charges. The figures quoted are based on 2016/2017.


How the £9 cost breaks down

The £9 of the average annual household bill that’s paid for Gas Transmission and the System Operator includes a number of components, ranging from investment in the network to innovation.